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  • Why and how did Rose start making T-shirts?
    Roses brand began to take shape earlier this year when her support staff realized that her intuitive, hilarious and sassy sayings were a marketable avenue. Everyone in Roes's life from her friends to family has a "Rose" moment and can re-call her quirky sayings. So with the help of her support staff Rose chose all the designs , fonts, types of clothing she wanted and what she wanted to say. With the help of a Taber local business women Rose has now began printing and selling the memorable pieces! Enjoy !
  • Can I change the font color of the quotation's on the apparal?
    No. As of now T21 Heart to Home is selling the peices only as they come on the website and photos. Eventually we will build out to have you be able to customize your orders.
  • Where can I physically pick up my order?
    Hello! You can physically pick up your order from Taber Special Needs located at 5206 47 Ave, Taber AB , Canada. Please remeber to bring your order reciept and a peice of idenetification. Thank you! T21 Heart 2 Home
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